Meet Kristen Beireis, Life Enthusiast.


Hi.  I'm Kristen Beireis, a Life Enthusiast. You'll see why as you read on and check out the many links below. 

Those who have met me in person usually comment on my energy.  I'm a positive person and choose my life so that I can enjoy it.  I have had several careers, all of which were chosen to honor my passions and values at the time. 

I enjoy playing in online marketing, singing, hiking, volunteering and musical theater.  I also enjoy having friends and family come over to my house for game days.  Especially when Hubby gets all creative and makes alternate rules to the games (think Monopoly and Skipbo tournaments). 

My enthusiasm is only one part of who I am. I believe that life was meant to be enjoyed and there are just too many people in our country (and the world) who are forgotten, mistreated and disadvantaged by a system that's stacked against them. I'm on a mission to change that through activism and my career, working with others who want the same. 

KRISTEN the Job Seeker
Volunteer Coordinator or Executive Assistant - 
After almost 12 years of working with Professional Coaches on their marketing, I've decided it's time to move on.  My values and priorities have changed. While I loved my clients and the work, I was not making an immediate impact on the community that I wanted to. It has become most important to stand for those who can't stand for themselves in a way that I've never done before. I have always wanted to affect change. Coaches create GREAT change in the individuals they work with, but it is not social change on a grassroots level. In my volunteer work, I kept seeing ways I could impact messaging, volunteer engagement and growth of grassroots organizations. With my business, I didn't have time to do that.  I was torn for almost a year. Then I just had to shift. So, I'm looking to combine all that I am as a Marketing Expert, Professional Speaker, Organizer, Planner, Strategist, Leader and pour my energy into a non-profit organization who affects social change directly. It is my dream to make a living while giving back. Outside of my own self care, my Husband and my family, this is my highest priority. If you or a non-profit you know is hiring in the Dayton, Ohio area for a Volunteer Coordinator or Executive Assistant, please visit my LinkedIn profile at

KRISTEN the Business Owner
Trust-Building in Marketing Expert at Coaches' Marketing Source -
I loved helping Personal Transformation Professionals turn marketing from an "Ugh! I don't want to do this!" to an "I can't wait to go marketing today" kind of thing.  My passion for solo entrepreneur Life Coaches, Massage Therapists and others like them, drove me to continue build my business.  As usual, I want to see more people happy in their work and lives.  Supporting clients in making marketing easy is one way I've done that.  I am taking on a client here and there still, so if you're interested go ahead and check out my website at

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KRISTEN the Singer/Actress
Kristen Erdman, Singer/Actress - 
Yes, once upon a time, I was a NYC Singer/Actress.  I lived the life of an actor before I became an entrepreneur.  I still sing when I get the chance and when the appropriate roles come up, I most certainly audition.  These days acting isn't nearly as important as it used to be.  It's not a way to make a living anymore.  It's just fun.  That's the way I like it. 

You can follow my Singing and Acting pursuits on:

KRISTEN the Diabetic
The Non-Cook's Diabetic Journey Blog -
In January of 2012 I was diagnosed with Diabetes.  Even though I absolutely hated cooking, I found myself needing to cook a night or two a week, in order to get healthy.  On this blog, I share my tricks, tips and recipes for living with diabetes, enjoying life, and making food without all the fuss of major cooking. As of June 2015, I reached my BMI goal and got my sugar numbers (A1C) below Diabetic levels. I've been able to maintain healthy levels ever since (ok, with a few pounds up here and there). Now, I really enjoy eating the healthy foods I cook at home, so I guess that means I enjoy cooking?  :)

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