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Have you met Kristen?  Would you like to know more about the "Life Enthusiast"?  The many links below will take you to the different places where you can find Kristen on the internet.  Enjoy!

Kristen Beireis calls herself a Life Enthusiast.  If you've ever talked to Kristen, it's hard to miss her enthusiastic tone.  She has created a life that she thoroughly enjoys.  She has a career that provides her with the freedom to be creative and play every day. 

Kristen enjoys playing in marketing and musical theater.  She runs her own Marketing Coaching/Consulting business (see below), participates in community theater and a community chorus.  She also enjoys having friends and family come over to her house for game days when Hubby gets all creative and makes alternate rules to the games (think Monopoly and Skipbo tournaments). 

Kristen's enthusiasm is only one part of who she is.  She's a caring and empathetic person who is determined to help people make positive changes in their lives.  For Kristen, life is something to be enthusiastic about.

KRISTEN the Business Owner
Trust-Building in Marketing Expert at Coaches' Marketing Source - http://www.coachesmarketingsource.com
Here, Kristen helps Personal Transformation Professionals turn marketing from an "Ugh! I don't want to do this!" to an "I can't wait to go marketing today" kind of thing.  Kristen's passion for solo entrepreneur Life Coaches, Massage Therapists and others like them, drives her to continue building this business.  She wants to see more people happy in their work and lives.  Supporting clients in making marketing easy is one way Kristen feels she can help.

Other business related links:
Full bio - http://www.coachesmarketingsource.com/about.html
Blog - http://www.coachesinternetmarketingsource.com
Facebook Biz Page - http://www.facebook.com/coachesmarketing
Twitter for biz - http://twitter.com/mrktg4coaches
Friend Feed - http://www.friendfeed.com/lifeenthusiast

KRISTEN the Singer/Actress
Kristen Erdman, Singer/Actress - http://www.kristenbeireis.com/Acting 
Yes, once upon a time, Kristen was a NYC Singer/Actress.  She lived the life of an actor before she became an entrepreneur.  She still sings when she gets the chance and when the appropriate roles come up, she most certainly auditions.  These days acting isn't nearly as important as it used to be.  It's not a way to make a living anymore.  It's just fun.  That's the way Kristen wants to keep it. 

You can follow Kristen's Singing and Acting pursuits on:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KristenErdmanSinger.

KRISTEN the Diabetic
The Non-Cook's Diabetic Journey Blog - http://noncookdiabetes.blogspot.com/
In January of 2012 Kristen was diagnosed with diabetes.  Even though she absolutely hated cooking, she found herself needing to cook a night or two a week, in order to get healthy.  On this blog, Kristen shares her tricks, tips and recipes for living with diabetes, enjoying life, and making food without all the fuss of major cooking. As of June 2015, Kristen reached her BMI goal and got her sugar numbers below Diabetic levels.  She may not like cooking, but it's definitely worked for her.

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